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Input Map Editor


The Input Map Editor tool creates and edits .input files. This type of file defines input mappings that can be used by the engine, for example binding a mouse button to a melee action. While input mapping can be done programmatically with the engine via Engine.Input, loading a pre-defined file allows for editing input bindings without changing any code and also allows end-users to easily edit the bindings as well.

Defining an Input Mapping

Once the Input Map Editor is open, you can start by adding an input mapping. To do this, click the + icon in the toolbar to the left. A new input mapping item is created and added to the list of input mappings. To edit your new input mapping, select it from the list on the left and then edit its properties on the right.

Editing Input Mappings

There are four sections of the editor that define specifically what the input mapping is.

The name field is relatively self-explanatory. It's a name of your choosing to represent what "action" the input triggers. For example, an input binding that fires a weapon could be named "FireWeapon". The format of the name is entirely up to you, but for obvious reasons it's recommended that you pick a name that's easy to use in your game code.

If the device binding check box is checked, input is accepted from that device. You can specify multiple device bindings for one input mapping (i.e., the mouse's left button and controller's Y button can be bound to one input mapping named "Use Item"). If a device binding is not checked, input from that device will not trigger the input mapping.

Saving your input binding file is straight-forward. Click File -> Save / Save As and complete the dialog. The default file type is the Input Mapping File with the extension .input, but really you can save it as whatever you'd like to. If you need to manually edit the file for whatever reason, don't worry: it's plain-old XML. Just open it up in your favorite editor.

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