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Input Map File

Default Extension: .input
Content Type: XML
Editors: GameStudio
Current Spec Revision: 2


Input Map files are used to define InputMapItem objects outside of game code and can be loaded at run-time by the engine. They are standard XML files saved with a .input extension and can be edited by either the GameStudio from the GDK or by any editor capable of reading XML, such as Visual Studio.


Root-Level Elements
The only root-level element supported is the <InputMap> element. The <InputMap> element only supports one type of child element: <InputMap>.

Attribute Description
GeneratorVersion Specifies the version of the editor used to create the file. This isn't a necessary attribute, but can help when upgrading to new file format specifications between releases of GameStudio.
InputMapName Sets the name of the input map so it can be easily selected in game code, especially in the case of multiple input maps (i.e., "DefaultInputMap", "InfantryInputMap", "VehicleInputMap").

InputMapItem Element
The <InputMapItem> element is used as a direct child of the root <InputMap> element.

Attribute Description
Name The Name attribute defines the identifying name of the input mapping both in-code and for readability.
Child Element Description
CommonAction Specifies, if any, the common in-game action associated with the InputMapItem, such as moving forward or looking up.
IsKeyboardBindingEnabled Specifies whether input from the keyboard triggers this input mapping.
IsMouseBindingEnabled Specifies whether input from the mouse triggers this input mapping.
IsControllerBindingEnabled Specifies whether input from the Xbox 360 controller triggers this input mapping.
KeyboardBinding Defines the keyboard button that triggers the input mapping. See also: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.Keys
MouseBinding Defines the mouse axis, button, or wheel that triggers the input mapping. See also: Engine.Input.MouseButtons
ControllerBinding Defines the button, trigger or thumbstick axis on the Xbox 360 controller that triggers the input mapping. See also: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.Buttons


  <InputMapping Name="FireWeapon">

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